The 2023 Sicherheitsreport in SPIEGEL Editorial: Criticism of Germany’s Stance on Alliance Commitment

Konstantin v. Hammerstein’s assessment of the Chancellor’s defense policy refers to the results of the representative population survey conducted by the Center for Strategy and Higher Leadership. The current Sicherheitsreport (Security Report) documents that only 45 percent of German citizens support that Germany should participate in defense in the event of an attack on a NATO state. Co-editor Prof. Dr. Klaus Schweinsberg considers the fact that there is thus no clear commitment among the German population to the alliance obligations under Article 5 of the NATO Treaty to be the most remarkable result of this year’s Sicherheitsreport.

Biden’s “carefully calibrated” tactical approach is responsible for the fact that Ukraine has so far been able to parry the Russian attack and NATO involvement has been prevented, notes v. Hammerstein. The Sichreheitsreport data show that not only Olaf Scholz relies on the transatlantic alliance, but that the population also considers the United States a reliable partner. However, in order to be able to reject doubts about Germany’s loyalty to the alliance, the article suggests, the chancellor must reaffirm Germany’s commitment to the the alliance – especially with regard to the Baltic states – notwithstanding the surveys that are critical of NATO.

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