53rd Annual Meeting of World Economic Forum: A New Framework for Growth

To address global challenges and strengthen resilience in the face of crises, this year’s meeting of the World Economic Forum was held under the motto “Cooperation in a Fragmented World.” In her special address, Ursula von der Leyen referred to the WEF’s latest Global Risks Report. Among other things, this opens up perspectives on how national priorities can be assessed in relation to global risks in order to achieve the goal of a more resilient, equitable and sustainable future.

At this year’s meeting in Davos, Professor Dr. Klaus Schweinsberg focused on concrete, feasible and rapid solutions to acute problems such as the war in Ukraine, arms supplies or inflation. Along with Ulrich Reitz, Klaus Schweinsberg sees the questioning of democratic institutions as a key challenge for implementation, as nation-state political interests can collide with long-term global goals. The economics professor hopes “that the younger generation will be brought more into the game and pushed into politics – and not just in the margins.”

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