Prof. Dr. Klaus Schweinsberg, Ulrich Grillo und Prof. Dr. Axel Weber

Entrepreneur-Success-Forum 2014

The 11th annual Entrepreneur-Success-Forum took place on November 5th 2014 at Castle Bensberg. Prof. Peter May and Prof. Klaus Schweinsberg hosted the event on the subject of “AUFBRÜCHE. AUSBRÜCHE. UMBRÜCHE.” (Start. Outbreak. Transformation.). Speakers included Dr. Paolo Barilla, Dr. Klaus Hommels, Prof. Hans Georg Näder, Martin Noé, Prof. Eddie Obeng, Prof. Dr.-Ing. Wolfgang Reitzle and Norbert Scheuch as well as president of the German BDI industry association, Ulrich Grillo and the Chairman of the UBS Board of Directors and former President of the Deutsche Bundesbank, Prof. Dr. Axel Weber (picture).