Cyberattacks and Fake News

Bettina Schausten and Klaus Schweinsberg

At the end of September, Prof. Dr. Klaus Schweinsberg discussed with Bettina Schausten, Deputy Editor-in-Chief of ZDF, the topic “Serious Information versus Fake News. Quality Journalism under Pressure.”
The full-day conference on the topic of “Cyber Attacks, Fake News and (industrial) espionage – hybrid threats to business and society” took place at Deutsche Telekom’s capital representative office in Berlin. Speakers included Dr. Thomas Kremer, Board Member for Data Privacy, Legal Affairs and Compliance, and Dr. Thomas Tschersich, Head of Security and Cybercrime. Prof. Marco Gercke from the Cybercrime Research Institute also provided illuminating insights with a cyber incident simulation that exemplified the scenario of a virtual attack.