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How seriously do DAX regulators take diversity in the workplace? This topic is examined in the “Board Diversity Index 2013″ authored by the Centre for Strategy and Higher Leadership, run by Klaus Schweinsberg.

Super Election Year 2013

Changes among the German supervisory boards. The year 2013 was announced as super election year for supervisory boards: To date 79 out of 248 board positions on the shareholders side have been newly elected or confirmed in DAX30 corporations.

The new Ice Age on the Executive Floor

Analysis: Severe accusations against former Deutsche Bank CEO Ackermann arose following the suicide of manager Pierre Wauthier. The case triggers new discussions about the enormous pressure under which managers have to work.

The most important Members of Supervisory Boards in Germany

This manual provides a unique and systematic overview of the most important members of supervisory boards in Germany. It includes entries about more than 1.300 personalities covering their mandates in renowned corporations. The editors are Professor Dr. Klaus Schweinsberg and lawyer Carsten Laschet. Available in German only.

The Supervisory Board, the Public and Confidentiality

The role of the supervisory boards has become an increasing focus of public attention along with public debates about companies. Precise questions are raised concerning proper supervision as well as the controllers’ responsibility. Advisory Boards, in turn, are searching a way to the public eye for various reasons. The resulting balancing act……

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